Oneupweb Reviews:’s Improved Social Discovery & Sharing Process

Posted on in Blog has added new functionality that brings real-time features to the social bookmarking process.In a company blog post, Yahoo! architect Vik Singh stated the site could benefit from the “social freshness” of his TweetNews application that excited the tech world, including Wired, back in January.

Users will now find a TweetNews-inspired tab in Delicious that aggregates and ranks recently bookmarked links every minute or so. In addition to popular bookmarks, users are getting this “fresh bookmarks” tab that displays recently bookmarked links and tweeted messages about technology, web, politics and media, according to Singh’s blog post.

With the exception of this new tab,’s design hasn’t changed much from its original look, which was released in 2007. Anyone familiar with its interface shouldn’t have a problem navigating the site. The main difference is now you can tweet links when saving new bookmarks.

Messages post to your Twitter account in a matter of minutes.

This added functionality could streamline your process in tweeting about interesting information, which in turn could make your company a part of a potential customer’s social discovery process. As these potential customers share your information they are also sharing your name, which builds your brand.

Which is what it’s all about.

Oneupweb Reviews: Oneup Thumbs-Up! (It encourages the social discovery and sharing process.)

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