Oneupweb Reviews: Fun Friday- Academy Award, Craftsman Music & Gandolf Goes to World Cup

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Welcome to Fun Friday! Yes, today there’s magic in the air and we have some great videos for you. Sally forth!

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

I’m usually one who avoids the norm, just for the simple fact that everyone’s doing it. I laugh at funerals, cry at birthdays, and sweat profusely in large groups. There’s just something in me that resists the status quo. So I was surprised when I was genuinely moved by this next video. It’s making fun of how cookie cutter movie storylines are. Watch it, and tell me if you don’t get swept up in the moment (I can’t believe I just said that; don’t judge me).

Craftsman Music Experiment – Craftsman Labs

To marketers looking for a great example of how to make a viral video, in my humble opinion, this is it. Taking a seemingly boring product line and making an entertaining music video, is a creative way to increase exposure for a brand. The one thing I might have changed is the genre of music. My guess is that Craftsman’s target market is more rock and roll or country types. At any rate, entertaining stuff. My favorite part is when the sprinkler kicks in.

Gandalf Goes to the World Cup

In traditional fashion the Vuvuzela takes something great like this Lord of the Rings film and drowns it out. There’s been much discussion about the Vuvuzela and the disturbance it has caused during the World Cup. I just recently became interested in soccer so when I heard the sounds (and thought I was being swarmed by bees) I assumed it was a “soccer” thing. But according to our resident soccer expert, Chip Rice, this is an isolated South Africa incident.

We hope we were able to make you smile today. Let us know your thoughts on these videos. We’d love to hear from you!

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