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Today on this gorgeous Fun Friday let’s look at some of the top viral videos that have hit the web this week.

Swagger Wagon:

Many companies have made attempts at creating viral content and failed. With a fickle internet demographic, it’s not to say that the waters are uncharted, but they are hostile. Consumers are weary of advertisers, and in some ways they are behind before they even start. It might have something to do with a conflict of interest, or it might be that some advertisers just don’t get us. One company that has recently hit viral gold is Toyota. I know, Toyota has had its fair share of PR troubles lately. But watch The Swagger Wagon below and tell me it isn’t awesome.

“I’m an awesome parent, and it’s apparent. And in this house there’s no mother father swearing.” Nice.

Life Without Limbs:

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for his condition. Nick uses his life story to encourage others who may be dealing with difficult situations. Nick is an inspiration and a true testament to the human spirit.

Jessica’s Daily Affirmation:

Let’s face it, as an adult life can be challenging. And it’s no picnic for kids either. With all the negative messages they may come across – how they aren’t thin enough, pretty enough, or don’t have the right car (Swagger Wagon) – it’s nice to see a parent that’s preparing their kids for this. Watch as Jessica looks herself in the mirror and recites her daily affirmations.

We better keep an eye on Jessica. From the looks of it this little one is going to rule the world someday.

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