Oneupweb Reviews: Fun Friday Videos – Skateboard Disaster & Double Rainbow Mania

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Hey everyone, are you as excited as I am that it’s Friday? Sure you are. We here at Oneupweb are in the middle of the National Cherry Festival. We’ve seen the Blue Angels, fireworks, parades, and yes the carnival is in town! But of course we did find some time to be productive along the way. This week, while the Blue Angels were practicing right outside our window, a client told me during a call that he felt like he was in the movie Top Gun. How cool is that? Sorry, Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower!

We also found some time to run into some very piquant (thanks videos. First up is…

World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster:

Take a skateboard the size of a house, a huge hill, and what does that spell? Disaster. Well at least according to Woodward Camp. I would describe this as amazing/hilarious, but to each his own! Watch it and let me know if you agree in the comments.

Double Rainbow:

I love this video.

In an exclusive interview with CBS’s Shira Lazar, the video’s creator, Hungrybear9562, talks about his encounter with the double rainbow (maybe even a triple).

You seemed pretty excited about this rainbow…

Because you could actually feel the rays down from the sun but it was rainbow rays. You can’t describe it. It was so powerful that it knocked me down.

The rainbow rays knocked you down?

You couldn’t see me on the ground, but at one point I had been knocked on the ground. But the rainbow was a double rainbow and then it turned into a triple rainbow. You can’t see it on my camera but the whole thing was filled in with color. It was a giant disc of color. It looked like a giant eye looking at me.

Is that common to be knocked down by rainbows?

I don’t think it’s common, but it happened. It was pretty amazing!

Since the video has hit the web it has garnered almost 2 million views, and has become an internet meme. My favorite 2 remixes are listed below. Enjoy!

Double Rainbow Song:

Double Rainbow Remix:

Oneupweb Review: Double Thumbs Up (maybe triple)!

Let me know what you thought about these videos by leaving a comment below!

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