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Sometimes all you need is a creative spark.

Images can spark inspiration. Whether you’re trying to hammer out a company blog post or you’re brainstorming ideas for a marketing client, the right photo can lead you down an unexpected path or train of thought, evoking memories and emotions that help more effectively communicate an idea.

Now Google Image Search is helping paint that picture with a new color filter. It’s a very simple addition that allows searchers to filter a query by selecting one of 12 colors.

These filters help you quickly sift through images that predominately feature the color you’ve chosen. For example, if I search “summer flowers” and turn on the green filter, Google returns images that match both the keyword query and color description.

These filters also add a certain depth to your search. If I just query “green summer flowers,” I get images with the keyword “green” in the description, but not necessary green images.

I’ve decided I don’t want images with a mostly green background. I’m specifically looking for green flowers. Conducting the above search with the green filter produces a very different result.

Taking advantage of keywords and the color filter can help you quickly narrow results. If you remember, before this 12-color filter was available, users could only sort by full color, grayscale and black and white.

Narrowing search results by color makes it easier to find images that spark emotion and understanding for both existing and potential customers. Finding that right picture for a company blog can often reinforce what you’ve written, or an image may spark a brand new post idea.

Before you begin contemplating whether to steal or not to steal that picture from Google Images, remember copyright laws could apply. Check the site to find the copyright statement. Even if you end up having to purchase that perfect image, it’s worth every penny if it drives your message home.

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