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I used to love Legos when I was a kid. I was never very good at building things, but I’d spend hours trying to assemble a house, a pirate ship or E.T.’s getaway mobile. Maybe that’s why Lego’s new short film caught my eye.

The video shows a very odd man basically stealing Legos from children to make his imaginations come to life.

The fact that a creepy older man is stealing Legos from kids is a bit bothersome, but the end result of imagination coming to life brings me back to my Lego days. I think Lego fans young and old will agree with me when I say that I give this short film a…

Oneupweb Reviews: Thumbs Up!

And speaking of when I was younger, my older brother used to talk me into doing a lot of stupid things. One that stands out pretty clearly in mind is tying a toboggan to the back of our pickup truck and driving 30mph down a snow covered road with one of us strapped in for the ride. I think it eventually ended with a rough spot in the road and some broken bones…

Anyway, this video of some serious thrill seekers skiing behind an SUV down Park Avenue (yes, the Park Avenue), brought me right back to the good ol’ days.

While the soon-to-be mother in me says that this is a dangerous stunt, I still have to give this video a…

Oneupweb Reviews: Thumbs Up!

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