Oneupweb Reviews: Monitter, a Simultaneous Search & Query Alert Tool for Twitter

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With real-time search becoming a facet of many popular social networks, sharing sites, etc., consumers expect a quick, honest, productive response from companies when negative situations arise. Southwest Airlines recently averted what could have been a major PR catastrophe because its public relations team understood the important role Twitter can play in crisis management.

Amazon, however, remained silent when initially accused by gay and lesbian activists of censorship shortly after work containing homosexuality and “homosexual themes” disappeared from the e-commerce site. The company’s inactivity led to rumors collected under the hash tag “#amazonfail.”

While reputation management requires more than just monitoring Twitter, both Southwest and Amazon are examples of why you should, at the very least, routinely search Twitter. Alternately, you can use an application like Tweet Later to receive alerts when important keywords are used in tweets.

Another tool, Monitter, allows you to simultaneously perform three Twitter searches, get live streaming search results, and receiving those results via RSS feeds. Users can choose to filter results within 30-to 100- kilometer proximity of any location. Below I conducted three simultaneous queries for Southwest.

Here’s a closer look at the results from one of the three queries I performed.

Monitter is a little slow on the uptake when it comes to changing location or keyword information. And because it’s real-time, there is a possibility you can miss messages while you’re busy altering your search. If no one is posting messages containing ” ‘safety concerns’ southwest” within 30 km of Albuquerque, NM, you’ll miss tweets happening in other areas.

Managing RSS feeds for each query is also time-consuming, as is watching Monitter post results for busy conversations. It can quickly become a time-waster if not properly managed. That said, companies with a dedicated digital visibility team that monitors every aspect of an integrated marketing plan could receive a more global view of Twitter activity using Monitter.

Official Oneupweb Review: Oneup Thumbs-sideways! (Despite how slowly Monitter changed proximity-based queries, and the constant influx of spam, this tool provides a broad view of real-time Twitter activity.)

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