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Digital cameras flicker away, but the images don’t quite capture your son’s 5th birthday like the mobile phone video you got of him spitting cake at his sister and farting at the same time.

Boy, grandma would laugh at that one.

Now comes the process of downloading this video to Facebook (Grandma’s preference), MySpace (your musician slash artist slash unemployed favorite brother’s hangout) and YouTube (where everyone else goes for video).

What a hassle, right?

Not anymore. offers a way for doting fathers to display their farting son’s magnificence LIVE and then post it to multiple social networks, including Twitter and YouTube.

You heard me right. You can make your son’s birthday an event for others to attend at and then archive and distribute streaming video at the site as well.

Main Benefits of

Qik has found a niche market by making streaming video distribution easier for the average consumer. Here are some of the main benefits this site offers:

  1. No Fancy Headset Required. Any Java-based cell phone works. You don’t have to own an iPhone, but if you do it’s on the list of supported phones.
  2. Protection from Dead Batteries. Qik has a patent pending on technology that protects videographers who lose their network signal or have a battery go dead.
  3. Live, Streaming Video Plus Distribution Methods. Anyone can stream their version of “live breaking news” whether it’s about family or business. Qik then makes it simple to distribute streaming video to blogs, websites and a slew of social networks including: MySpace, Orkut, YouTube and Twitter.
  4. Search Qiks. It’s easy to search Qiks to find videos. You can also view “Top Qikkers.”

While there are a lot of benefits to this site, and has worked on innovations to improve quality, it can feel like you’re watching that 1990s horror “documentary” The Blair Witch Project.

Ugh, moving cell phone cameras make me nauseous.

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