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Haven’t quite figured out how to leverage your business using social media?

Soho Publishing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin launched a new social networking site Feb. 6 to help companies do just that—build social networks.

The country’s economic woes may help this website find users.

This recession is teaching everyone just how much the internet landscape is changing. Age groups we pegged for not understanding the purpose of a mouse are now frequent navigators and participators online.

Even grandma and grandpa are getting involved, with Pew Research showing increases in the silent generation’s acceptance of the internet.

Generation X (ages 33-44) and Generation Y (ages 18-32) account for the largest chunk of internet users followed by Young Baby Boomers (ages 45-54), according to recent Pew Research.

So it makes perfect sense that business-to-business networking is finally getting a leg up with

Yes, we have LinkedIn, but a company’s ability to really promote itself is limited there. Noticing this fact, Soho Publishing developed a website that’s a mixture of LinkedIn, with a touch of YouTube and an all access pass to Twitter.

For the Young Baby Boomers looking to survive in this internet-charged era, this site could offer guidance. Experts, who have grown their own business, pass on articles, which so far consist of solid relationship-building advice.

Members can also recommend other members. They can also promote products and services by uploading podcasts, video, news releases, and other promotional material to their network. There is even an option to Tweet.

What really makes this social site different is organizational structure. It’s set up for businesses, not individuals. Users come in under a company’s umbrella account, which means the company can nix individual users at any time.

Participating companies, not surprisingly, fall into media and communication categories with the exception of both a trucking and a real estate company. And most of these companies are Wisconsin-based with the exception of a few located in Illinois, California and Florida.

I like what this site is trying to accomplish. My advice is to offer more expert articles on social networking tools and social marketing in general to help businesses successfully make their Web 2.0 transition.

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