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Welcome to another episode of Fun Friday. I know, it’s not really an episode but I’ve always wanted to say that. As you know every Friday we here at Oneupweb review something a little different than usual. Today let’s take a look at some entertaining viral videos that hit the web recently.

First up is this moving video of Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. In case you didn’t know, Lin Yu Chun has been referred to as the next Susan Boyle on Taiwan’s “American Idol”-like show “Super Star Avenue”. The below video has spread across the internet like fire, and as you watch it you can see why. Surprisingly William Shatner is actually the comic relief in this performance, and Lin Yu Chun has the skills.

Lin Yu Chun And William Shatner “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Duet- “Lopez Tonight”

Sometimes I wonder if 90% of Nike is a marketing team. I mean seriously they release some of the coolest commercials, and I’m sure a lot of time and effort goes into these. This is coming from a guy who scrapes labels off his stuff just so he’s not considered a walking advertisement.

Nike Music Shoe

You know there are some videos that I want to mention, and then there are others I just can’t avoid. This next one fits in the category of so viral I can’t avoid. It was discovered around April 21st, just a few days ago, and already has over 1,900,000 views on YouTube, 47,207 shares on Facebook, and 4,301 Tweets. This guy is severely inebriated and is having a difficult time completing a very simple task: holding onto his dignity.

Wasted Guy vs Flip Flop

It’s really something how much influence the average person has today because of the internet. This is probably as famous as this guy is ever going to be (I’m sure his parents are proud). Almost 2 million people have viewed his triumphant victory in the battle against his flip flops. That’s just amazing to me.

For impressive skills singing with the Shat, creating cool music with sole(s), and making mom proud we give these viral videos an…

Official Oneupweb Review: Thumbs Up

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Fun Friday blog post, and let us know if we missed any viral videos worth mentioning by leaving a comment below!

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