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Extending your reach in Twitter becomes time consuming without the right tools. Twellow and RiotFeeds offer two ways to expand your following, but neither lets you make your own people recommendations. That’s where TweepML (now Listpedia) can help.

TweepML lets you compile a list of Twitter users that anyone can automatically follow in one click. Those lists are accessible to anyone who searches the TweepML site. You can also use the site’s widget to make your list accessible from your website.

Everyone on the list is automatically selected, so you need to remove check marks from people you don’t want to follow. Next, enter your Twitter account information and click “follow” at the bottom of the list.
Altering any list requires an email to the list creator. You submit your justification and contact information for consideration. Security, however, is a bigger issue than removing or adding people to lists.

TweepML doesn’t use OAuth, an open protocol that allows secure API authorization and prevents sites from storing your data. The company’s latest┬ádefends that decision by saying user experience is improved as a result.

They discusses how OAuth redirects users to Twitter, leaving plenty of opportunity for failures along the way. Rather than put users through that hassle, TweepML is requesting your Twitter username and password for a smoother process. Also, the blog post states, “Unless you care and understand about security, then you know it could be an issue. But again, most users don’t understand or care.”

While the argument makes sense, I disagree that general users don’t care about security. I would rather deal with being redirected by OAuth than worry about random Twitter apps storing my information.
If you don’t care that TweepML can store your data, then this is a great service. Go forth and make lists!

Official Oneupweb Review: Oneup Thumbs-Sideways! (Great, easy-to-use Twitter service that lacks security.)

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