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How are you finding followers on Twitter? Have you considered looking in a yellow page directory?

Of course regular yellow page directories don’t list Twitter usernames. And an advanced Twitter search requires knowing the username or a keyword that may occur in an interesting person’s tweet.

So how do you find people with common interests in Twitter? Twellow, a service of WebProNews, is hoping you’ll use its directory of registered Twitter users.
Twellow says it’s an Internet site meant to “cut through the clutter” to help you find the people who “really matter” by categorizing personal exchanges on Twitter.

Like regular online yellow pages you can search for attorneys in Los Angeles, only Twellow returns results solely from registered Twitter users. Tabs meant to organize searches are a bit confusing and its search bar isn’t as clear as most online yellow pages, but Twello does offer tips for getting your best search results.

Despite those tips, if you’re conducting a quick search and not paying attention, you may think “TwellowHood” is where you enter location-specific queries and not the home page search bar. That’s no big deal, unless you use the TwellowHood map for your search, which means you can’t sort through results.

In other words, in TwellowHood, I can see how many people are registered Twitter users in various cities throughout my state (or any state across the country). Once I choose my city, however, I can’t see only attorneys or people interested in art.

I’m really not interested in scrolling through 5,433 results for top Twitter users in Detroit. Targeting people who “really matter” in my area would be easier if I use this map to sort results by category rather than just seeing who has the most Twitter Followers.

It’s not immediately obvious, but Twellow does help you find Twitter users based on interests and location. Categorizing these users allows businesses to easily find local or national followers with similar interests, which could increase your number of Twitter Followers.

Anyone using Twellow, however, will find duplicate or unregistered listings. What that says to me is that those listings may or may not be correct.

For business owners, it’s a good idea to verify your information and monitor local searches in Twellow to see what competitors, brand loyalists or people unhappy with your company are saying. If they have more Twitter followers than you, they show up first, so it’s important to monitor your reputation.

Overall, I like that Twellow helps organize social discovery by neatly categorizing people. However, with duplicate listings and some profiles not appearing under applicable categories, Twellow needs to work on accuracy.

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