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It’s Friday and everyone knows what that means, the last day before the weekend. Something special happens to people on Fridays. They seem rejuvenated, invigorated, excited. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of a job well done, or maybe it’s just the fact they have the next two days off. Either way, to go along with the Friday wonder, we thought we would have a little fun with our Oneupweb Reviews blog today.

We’ve all seen them while posting on our walls, minding our own business. Then something catches our eye, off to the right, it’s a Facebook Ad. Some of them make no sense, while others are just hilarious. These Facebook ads can get pretty weird. Let’s take a look some of our favorite, and see how they rate.

Are they offering immortality or a credit report?
This is legit, I can tell by their inquisitive nature.
It’s true, one time during Thanksgiving my brother carelessly shouted out, “Let’s eat Grandma!” Talk about a misunderstanding. Grandma doesn’t visit much anymore.
Everyone knows this secret, it’s called permanent marker.
I have two questions, is this Harry Potter, or Hermione wearing Harry’s glasses and sporting a five o-clock shadow? And unless this scholarship is for Hogwarts, I don’t see the point. We all know that’s where HP fans go.
You want me to go back to where?
People laugh, but when I saw this one I thought, how did they get a picture of my dad? But that was when he was in a band. I can’t imagine where I would place this guy in a job, maybe a caveman in those Geico commercials.
I remember the spoon talk. Your partner says to you, we need to talk. You think, great here we go. And for the next hour, you get berated about how your spoon collection is taking priority over the relationship. People if I had a problem with spoons, would I be able to still use knives and forks? I can quit collecting spoons anytime I want to.
My wife wants to have a baby; I thought this would be easier, like it says, no mess. Apparently the image didn’t help my cause.
So that’s how they pass laws, makes total sense now.

Although no one really enjoys being advertised to, we all know that that’s what makes businesses like Facebook possible. And at least we can say that the marketers here have kept us entertained. So for all the bizarre ads that Facebook has produced we give Facebook Ads…

Official Oneupweb Review: Oneup Thumbs Up

If you have any weird Facebook ads that you want to share with us, let us know!

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