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Let’s gaze into the crystal ball and look at SEO predictions for 2012. (Feel free to use your best Miss Cleo voice when reading through the list!)

1. Google will continue to place emphasis on Google+.

People have been hesitant to use Google+ for a couple reasons. One, Google Buzz was an epic fail. Two, Facebook is an epic success. If you’re thinking about which social media mediums to use, create a strong business profile for Google+ that not only uses a dose of SEO, but is compelling to your customers.

The competition between Facebook and Google is part of what’s driving these innovative products, and Google continues to integrate Google+ as much as possible. From our search results (it’s now even showing up in local results) to how you can share articles in Google Reader, social and SEO is like gorgonzola and pears. Surprisingly yummy.

2. Buying local doesn’t just mean going to your town’s farmers market.

Search results are continuing to become more personalized and localized. After all, it’s you who is searching, and Larry Page wants to read your mind with an Android robot. Depending on your search history, physical location, cues from your Google profile, what’s in your Gmail account, it all matters in the search game.

Forget the “one size fits all” results, and pay attention to how you’re being found by your customers. Having a strong local presence is more than organic dried cherries sealed in a biodegradable plastic bag. It means sending more people to your store, your site, your call center and your social media properties.

3. Tablets aren’t just for caveman references.

“Mobile is where it’s at” is almost becoming cliche. It’s not an unknown concept that more people are carrying smartphones, and there is a lot of research on the topic. What is becoming relevant, and lesser known, is that tablets are in line to overtake smartphones.

According to eMarketer, 22.9% of internet users are expected to use tablets in 2012, compared to 14.5% in 2011. Knowing how to optimize for each medium takes expertise and is essential for any mobile strategy you execute in 2012.

Unlike Miss Cleo, these predictions aren’t made up. Nor are they shared in a phony Jamaican accent. (You’re welcome.)

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