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I was beyond anxious to have Timothy Young as our guest on our most recent episode of the Be Relentless: Business Success Against the Odds. As the Founder and President of his growing organic food company, Food for Thought, Timothy knows how to face the challenges of being an entrepreneur. His story is fascinating and is sure to inspire all of those who are lucky enough to hear it.

I was very fortunate, because I was able to listen to the podcast shortly after it was recorded. After listening to Timothy’s interview with Oneupweb CEO, Lisa Wehr, and Oneupweb Director of Operations, Tim Kauffold, it is obvious as to why the Oneupweb podcast series is vital and uplifting.

The monthly series is a communication tool which provides Michigan businesses, business owners and professionals the necessary information to succeed—especially during the current economy.  It’s a bit of a mentoring feel—getting to listen to guests tell their stories of struggle and how they’ve overcome obstacles.

And after hearing Timothy explain the adventures that led him to the start of his company, I felt absolutely motivated.

Timothy Young fascinated me as he discussed his travels to third world countries, where he  fulfilled his passion and mission of creating just and sustainable food systems. And although he has traveled the world, he finds Northern Michigan to be the paramount place to live—which is why his company started here and will forever remain based in the area. I enjoyed his serious humanitarian views and admired his wit as he explained, “I can tell you anything you want to know about political participation in Cuba. Therefore, I make jam for a living”.

His lighthearted spirit is definitely what makes him successful, especially in difficult situations (like the years where he didn’t draw a salary so that he could keep his staff employed). And the man has an unbelievable loyalty to the community. Case in point—he won’t stray away from using local organic products, ever.

And if you think he doesn’t have enough on his plate, think again! Timothy is a habitual volunteer. He’s an active member of non-profit organizations, he gives aid to other local fair trade businesses and he still continues to go on mission trips. It’s remarkable to learn that besides spreading his delicious organic jam, Timothy is constantly spreading awareness around ethical and sustainable food systems.

If only during his visit, he had brought samples of his gourmet goods…mmm, like the wild blackberry shiraz preserves. Maybe next time!

Feel free to share your “food for thoughts” and let us know what you think of our latest podcast episode. Then, get your appetite ready for our next Be Relentless™ guest.

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