Oneupweb : The Continuing Crisis—A Blatant Rip-Off of Harper’s “Findings”

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  • The Director of the UCLA Sleep Center warns that sleeping with your iPad can prevent your brain from producing melatonin and ruin your chance at a good night’s sleep. And if you are lucky enough to doze off with your iPad, you may be at risk of dropping it.
  • Blippy, the social network for those who want to share their purchasing activity, accidentally published a number of its users’ credit card numbers, which subsequently appeared in Google’s search results. They’ve since apologized.
  • Allegedly due to concerns over privacy, Senior Google Engineer Matt Cutts has deactivated his Facebook account.
  • Surprise!  Jason Calicanis reacts negatively to emailed resignation letters.
  • The vast majority of Facebook users don’t friend their bosses.
  • Papa’s Specialty Pizza Challenge is asking Papa John’s Facebook fans to describe, in 250 words or less, a creation for a new speciality pizza and an appropriate title.
  • Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, known for 6+ hour television speeches, has created a Twitter account and aims to “break records for numbers of followers”.
  • While Marine Corps General James N. Mattis, the Joint Forces Commander in Afghanistan, has claimed that “PowerPoint makes us stupid“, senior officers support its use for briefing reporters in 25-minute presentations known as “hypnotizing chickens.”

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