Oneupweb: The Epic Battle-Mac Vs. PC

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The epic battle has been going on for nearly a month at Oneupweb—a battle so fierce, so ugly, that I have the kind of nightmares where I wake up drenched in sweat. This continuous battle isn’t unique by our industry standards, but it’s so epic that it managed to cross over into mainstream media back in 2006—the great MAC vs. PC debate. I’m not going to voice my own opinion—simply because I prefer office peace—although I do have my preference. But to keep things fair, let’s take a look at some of the qualities of each that you, the reader, have free will to rank in importance however you see fit:

1. Better battery life.
2. High resale value.
3. First-class tech support.
4. Intuitive user interface (Why do you go to start to shut the computer down…?).
5. Perfect bill of health (Virus free).
6. Designer paradise.

1. Mix and match parts (customizable hardware).
2. Gaming/developer paradise.
3. Cost effective.
4. I asked our developers what they think the differences are and they said, “I’m staying out of this”—so this is all I’ve got!

I guess you can tell by the lopsided list which “design tool” I prefer. But I’m open to both—I work on a mandated PC at work, then go home and rock out my MAC. I guess you could say I have the best of both worlds!

So the battle at Oneupweb ensues and the lines are still divided—but its nice to know that I sit on the fence and I’m somewhat safe from mortars, flame throwers, and “desk grenades”. So watch this video, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and simply realize that we have differences—and its okay to be different!

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