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Lately, I’ve found myself looking over my shoulder quite a bit due to a recent paranoia. And it’s this new fear that has led me to waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats. It’s sad, but true that I no longer feel comfortable alone at my desk. And it’s all because of my computer…it’s watching me.

No,no, please don’t have me committed. I’m not crazy! I’m actually just coming to grips with targeted online advertising. Recently, I’ve found myself actually paying a lot more attention to the ads being targeted and delivered to me on a daily basis. It seems that things have come a long way since the “Hit the Monkey to Win a Prize!” and dancing baby display ads of five years ago. Instead of trying to come up with a single advertising campaign that will have the broadest (and generally most generic) appeal, marketers are taking advantage of targeted advertising to deliver very specific advertisements. This advertising results in marketers reaching consumers on a more personal and individual level.

I spent a brief time looking up music festivals during lunch and I’m now getting ads for this summer’s Bonnaroo Music Festival on my favorite tech sites.

Advertisers are getting more bang for their buck, because they are able to deliver targeted advertisements based on consumer online profiles that consist of previous searches and pages viewed. After reading a few reviews of camping equipment online, I’m now finding myself targeted with advertisements for products I am actually interested in and have been shopping around for (see below).

I must admit, for years I avoided online display advertising like the plague. After years of generic, dull and aesthetically questionable ads, I’m finding myself taking a second look at today’s customized advertising. I do find it slightly eerie that there are databases out there compiling advertising profiles based on my internet usage and personal life…

… Nice try targeted ads, but I’m actually in a great relationship already. Or maybe it’s picked up on my recent searches on targeted advertising and is trying to throw me off its scent? *Folds up a tinfoil hat, just to be safe.*

Got questions about what targeted advertising can do for you? We’d love to hear from you and have you pick our brains. No computers, please.

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