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As a recent buyer and owner of my first home, I have been learning a lot of new things about home improvements and remodeling. There seems to be an infinite list of projects that I have pinpointed to enhance the potential of both the interior and exterior of my abode—I’m currently stalled somewhere in the middle of the first project on my list.

Often, homeowners pick their own battles with these lofty goals and organize them into some kind of achievable timeline that parallels their finances. However, untimely battles pick the homeowner, and they find themselves in an emergency situation where they either need to become a quick expert on the problem and fix it themselves, or admit that they’re in over their heads and bring in a true specialist with the necessary tools.

In the process of the “Do It Yourself” method, often special tools are required to complete the task at hand. I have considered myself a practicing handyman since an early age, and still have remnants of my first grown-up toolbox that I received when I was ten. As I moved onto tinkering in construction and auto mechanics—and busting open my knuckles when working with these cheap tools—I realized that sometimes the investment in the “right tool for the right job” is worth every penny. Quality tools will go the distance and prove their worth in the long run.

When I’m not busy being a home improvement DIY-er, my Monday through Friday job at Oneupweb grants me access to the most powerful toolbox and contents I have ever encountered…ROI trax®.

ROI trax® is Oneupweb’s proprietary analytics tool that provides a clear, customizable view of your campaigns and 24/7 reports of just how much Return you are getting On your online Investment when you team up with Oneupweb. I rely on it every day when researching prospective clients’ websites and how they appear through the search engines’ eyes. By setting up and running Search Engine Position Reports based on a selected list of targeted keywords that define the particular products or services your business has to offer, I can also get a clear view of how your competitors are stacking up against your business in the online world.

Other ROI trax® features include:

  • Track natural and paid search marketing campaigns separately—but with the results delivered to the same, easy to use reporting interface
  • Create and track newsletter, email, public relations and banner ad campaigns
  • Monitor website positioning on search engine results pages—beyond Google
  • Identify the most effective keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Guard against click fraud within the PPC marketplace
  • Monitor competitors’ use of your trademark in paid search ads
  • On demand reporting tells you which traffic sources are delivering the highest return—in real time

The “Do It Yourself” way of doing things in your own home is one thing, but when the future of your business depends on the quality of your work, the investment in a specialist with the right tool set is the best way to go for success in the long term. When you hire Oneupweb, we send in our digital contractors to assess the situation, fix any damages and make the necessary enhancements so that your business stands strong for the long term. We can help your business look the nicest on the block—standing out in a digital neighborhood.

We originally built ROI trax® for ourselves, and rely on it as the truest form of analytics that we can find to gather the real-time data for the campaigns we manage and the clients we serve. Come see what it can do for you and your business at the demo below.

Contact Oneupweb today to find out more.

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