Oneupweb : The SEO Sky is Falling!! (Again)

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Ah, it’s 2011 and we have our first SEO RED ALERT—a highly noticeable Google algorithm adjustment, complete with announcement from the one and only, Matt Cutts at the WebSpam Control Bunker, which I envision being buried kilometers below Mountain View and protected by a retina scanner.

As usual with a high-profile change, the chicken littles of the SEO world are out in full force. They have been DECIMATED they cry, they have NO TRAFFIC, this is THE END OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PURE IN SEO! Their children will eat leftover, re-heated gruel this evening, because their perfect websites have been utterly destroyed by Evil Cutts and his team of spam fighters.

It’s always the same—this change is the end, this is unacceptable, etc. etc. The complainers on the various SEO forums and blogs I read all say the same thing every time a big change comes around—they claim to have hundreds of pages of original, compelling, meticulously hand-crafted, beautifully glorious “content” and now it’s worth NOTHING.

Sorry, but I don’t really buy it.

I read the internet. I love the internet. I spend entirely too much of my time on the internet. And trust me, 99.99% of all the “content” on the internet is total crap. There is more content out there that only says “create good content” than there is actual good content.

What’s my point? Other than wanting to release some steam at the “sky-is-falling” nature of internet posters, I wanted to point out that creating good content for your website is hard. It’s more than just slapping together a Top 5 post or coming up with a punny headline. It’s a full time job. A job that we here at Oneupweb happen to be pretty good at. So next time you need help “creating compelling content,” come talk with us rather than the guys who put on tinfoil hats and crawl into their bomb shelter every time Google tries to reduce the ridiculous content spam out there on the e-webs.

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