Oneupweb : The Yahoo! To adCenter Transition—Helpful Tips to Remember

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Earlier this week, the transition from Yahoo! Search Marketing to Microsoft’s adCenter platform ramped up with advertisers being presented with their first opportunity to begin migrating their accounts.

This transition creates changes that advertisers should become familiar with, to ensure that the migration goes as smooth as possible, and that their accounts are ready to go when ad serving moves to the adCenter platform in mid-October. The Yahoo! Advertising Blog provides a list of changes to become familiar with:

  • “Any balance from your Yahoo! Search Marketing account will be applied to your adCenter click charges and will be used towards your next bill.”
  • “Currently, adCenter does not support Blocked Domains for search. Your Blocked Domains list will be transferred in full, but it will apply to content ads only.“
  • “Ad groups that have optimization turned “Off” in Yahoo! Search Marketing will have it turned “On” by default in adCenter.“
  • “The Yahoo! keyword Match Type of “Advanced” will become “Broad” in adCenter and the Yahoo! keyword Match Type of “Standard” will become “Exact” in adCenter.”
  • “During the transition, full day targeting settings in Yahoo! Search Marketing will also transition to adCenter. However, if you only have partial day settings in Yahoo!, the full day will be removed in adCenter.”
  • “adCenter supports descriptions of 70 characters in length. Short Descriptions with more than 70 characters will be truncated and the ad will be paused.”

There are many other variables that advertisers will have to take into consideration when performing the transition through the automated tool. Depending on the complexity and performance of your campaigns you may wish to simply start with a fresh adCenter account, especially if you know that your existing Yahoo! campaigns are in need of optimization. Visit the Yahoo! Advertising Blog and read the full transition checklist and feature compatibility guide before making any decisions on how you will make the move to the adCenter platform.

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