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Why is it important to create your own, original content for YouTube? Because if you don’t, and you get caught, you could get sent to YouTube Copyright School.

It appears that, in order to answer the hundreds of claims that are likely filed every day, YouTube is taking some serious steps to remind users what content they can legally use, and what content they can’t. Done in a lighthearted way, users who are accused of copyright infringement are sent back to school. This means they are required to watch a cartoon video and take a copyright test. The video is below:

YouTube explains that if they receive a valid notice of infringement from the copyright owner, the video in question will be removed. The person who has been accused of copyright infringement will also be notified via email and in their account. If YouTube finds that you are a repeat offender (three or more strikes/notices), then you are banned for life. Of course, some videos may be removed inappropriately. YouTube does provide a counter notification for this. But if you submit false information in one of these notices, your account will be terminated.

It’s pretty clear that while the video for copyright school is fun, this is something that YouTube is taking very seriously.

So how do all those famous mash-ups and remixes fit in here? Well, it all comes down to “fair use.” So before you jump on the Rebecca Black redo bandwagon, make sure you know the rules and all that apply.

What do you think of YouTube’s recent actions to prevent copyright infringement? Have you been sent to YouTube Copyright School? And what will happen to all those fun remixes? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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