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It seems like everyone is “going green” nowadays. From hybrid cars to meth lab folks (yup, a Topeka Sam’s Club recently had to remove its outdoor recycling facilities after some green minded meth-master attempted to return their meth lab to the Earth…..or to the children’s toy counter…..who knows what that thing would have been recycled into?) and everyone in between, it has quickly become all the rage  to be “Earth friendly.”

As a modern day hippie, I take joy in loading my shopping cart full of organic goodness from our local co-op. I look forward to the spring, summer and fall as it will see me coasting around Traverse City on my bike, using not ONE OUNCE of gasoline (go all the way to 11 OPEC, I don’t care!). I celebrate the outdoors, I revel in nature and I loves me some Blissfest!

I also love seeing the multitude of mainstream companies making a real effort to become green. Even though some companies tend to be a bit lazy in their attempt to market their newly mint selves, who can fault them for trying? No, I will never believe that McDonald’s is serving up grass fed, organic beef, but hey, if they’re cutting out Styrofoam use, it’s a start, yeah?

I must confess, even with my affinity for Earth friendly products, I find it a bit amusing the lengths to which some companies have gone to “go green.” Here are a few examples from the past couple of months and years:

1. Wanting to make a statement to that over-the-top officemate that seems to feel the need to put everything into an office wide memo? The Japanese company, Oriental,  has invented a machine that turns office paper into toilet paper. You put office documents in one end and out pops a fresh roll of TP. Who knows how soft this stuff is, but, depending on the document, I’m sure it can be quite satisfying!

2. The Brits, always a bit cheeky, have long called their rain collecting barrels “water butts.” Well, thanks to Hemingway Design, the “water butt” is a bit more literal now. It comes in 3 skin tones, complete with a “tramp stamp” placed expertly so. The jingle? There isn’t one yet. But, I suggest “I like water butts and I cannot lie…”

3. A boat built by a group of enthusiasts makes a round the world trip in record time. News? Sure. Strange eco-news? Nope. Or is it? The group of enthusiasts was Earthrace. The boat was powered by recycled human fat. The owner, Pete Bethune, and two volunteers decided not to let their lipo go to waste. They were able to garner 10 liters of “fuel” from their combined bellies. After that triumphant trip, Earthrace donated their boat to the peeps who chase around the Japanese whale murderers (Sea Shepherd boys and girls). It was quickly sunk by said whaling fleet.

4. Edible Shoe Cream. ‘Nuff said.

5. Lastly, for those true hippies and children of the Earth comes the ultimate gift to Mother Nature, the eco friendly coffin. This option would go nicely with Human Composting.

This is our planet peeps. The only one we’ve got. Here at Oneupweb, we’ll be doing Smart Commute Week and a plethora of other fun, eco-friendly activities. What will you be doing? What will your company be doing? For real, pull your eco weight or get off my planet dude.

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