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October 31st. Halloween. The one day of the year when you can dress up as whatever you want, run rampant through the streets intoxicated on a mixture of excitement and sugar.

So many of my favorite memories start with “One Halloween…” I thought it only appropriate that we post something special to commemorate the day. So I decided to ask others about their Halloween memories. From their favorite costume, to the worst thing they ever got in their treat bag, OneUpWeb took a trip down memory lane.

What was Your Favorite Halloween Costume?
From the traditional ninja and princess to a busted-head zombie with glow eyes and Strawberry Shortcake, the range of favorite Halloween costumes in the office ran the gamut. And although there were some fantastic entries into the favorite Halloween costume category, the winner took us back to the crime-ridden streets of California in the Seventies and the swift two wheeled justice of Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello. That’s right, welcome back into your memories of CHiPs.

What is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?
Well, this one wasn’t even close. With only half of the districts reporting, Snickers was already a landslide winner.

What is Your Least Favorite Halloween Candy
Not the dominant winner Snickers was, but still a clear favorite in the category of least favorite candy, Smarties. The colorful little disks of sugar we referred to as the having the texture of Maalox and the taste of a rotten vitamin. It was also suggested that they may not have started out as candy at all, but as chalk factory industrial byproducts.

What is the Worst Halloween Treat You Ever Received?
First of all, let me just say, some people should really be ashamed of what they give children on Halloween. From toothbrushes and toothpaste to pennies, there are a number of really terrible things you can pass out to trick or treaters. But, by far, the worst Halloween treat ever received was a brochure.

What would be the best Halloween costume?
A. Googlebot
B. Jeeves
C. Slurp
D. Spam
E. Clusty
F. Wisenut

The Winner? Wisenut. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the challenge of trying to figure out how to create the costume. Now you’ve heard from the OneUpWeb Ghosts of Halloween past, it’s your turn to tell us your favorite (or least favorite) Halloween memories. Comment away!

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