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With more and more websites, videos, photos, and news articles infiltrating the search results these days, it can become difficult to find just what you are looking for.

Plus with all of the different variations of search queries that one could potentially use, there is a possibility for a thousand ways to search for the perfect “Christmas cookie”. But, don’t give up on your quest just yet!

As a natural search project manager, I am consistently in and out of search engines, deciphering and sorting through various results in an attempt to better understand positioning and in turn help clients gain better presence in their space. Therefore, I know all too well the hassles one can face when trying to find the best result for a search query. But, now there is a little help.

Search Cloudlet, a new Firefox web browser add-on, wants to help searchers cut to the chase. Originating from the Russian company INTSPEI, Search Cloudlet works by looking at the words, sources, locations and other data in Google and Yahoo search results in order to create a tag cloud.

Tag clouds are a visual depiction of user generated “tags” – essentially, content that describes a site. In this case, Search Cloudlet generates a tag cloud that contains other keywords relevant to the search query you typed in.

The more frequent a keyword appears in the search results, the larger the term appears is in the tag cloud.

To filter out results, simply click on a term from the cloud and the page will reload to include that term in the search. A new cloud will then form based on the new search.

You can also filter your results by sites where a cloud will form containing the sites that are listed at a glance. Clicking on a site from the tag cloud will show results specifically for that site and result in, you guessed it – another new tag cloud.

By clicking and filtering your results down, you should be able to find the best result for the query you typed in, and maybe some unexpected results that could take you in a new direction.

Overall, I don’t think the Search Cloudlet add-on is useful all of the time, and could get a little overwhelming depending on how many different tag clouds you generate. However, I think it is pretty interesting to see the different tag clouds that generate and where the new searches can take you.

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