Optimizing Press Releases – It All Starts with the Lead

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” and so begins one of the most famous books ever written by Charles Dickens. Even those who haven’t read A Tale of Two Cities are still familiar with this opening sentence.

Now granted, writing a press release is a bit more stringent than a novel, but I still enjoy hunting for those few promising words that will set the tone not only for the release, but for the fantastic, amazing, everyone must know and publish immediately bit of news that I am pitching. And once I have a promising beginning, a few simple tricks help to get my news out there for the world to see.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Make a list of your 10 top keywords, and then use them throughout your press release. That way, when editors, writers and others search for those keywords, your press release will be found and read in search results.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If the old saying is true, why not give it a try and include a picture with your press release. Plus, search engines are now picking up photos and video as a result of blended search. If you want to be seen, give your audience something to see.

Google Trends

For those who use PRWeb, Google Trends is a great tool! Type your top keyword into Google trends, and check where in the United States (or even in the world) you should target your release. Include the top cities in your MSA results. This will target your release to the cities where people are actually searching for the information you are providing.

Link to Your Website

Make sure to include links to your website in your press release. This gives editors and writers a simple way to find out more information about you and your company.

After employing these simple tricks, there won’t be any time for leisurely reading as your email box fills up and your phone makes some noise.

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