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I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in Chicago last week at the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. The company I am with, Oneupweb, hauled in a nice flat screen monitor to show one of the video podcasts we produced.

Many of the people who stopped by our booth were there to talk about SEO and SEM services, but they couldn’t help wanting to talk about podcasting too. I don’t blame them. Podcasting is a fast growing and exciting aspect of the online marketing world.

Thousands of businesses are realizing that podcasting is a great channel to reach prospective clients, current customers, and even their own staffs. Podcasting should be part of any integrated online marketing campaign.

As the people I spoke with at SES were hungry to learn more, I wanted to take a minute in this blog to point out a couple of resources. I can think of at least two great papers written on podcasting that are a must read for anyone serious about bringing the medium to their business. The white papers are all written by Oneupweb. (Note: StraightUpSearch is closely affiliated with Oneupweb).

For those people new to podcasting I recommend Corporate Podcasting 101. This paper can be read or listened to at: Corporate Podcasting 101 White Paper and Podcast.

For those of you trying to tie podcasting into your integrated online marketing efforts, I recommend Oneupweb’s recently released white paper, The Value of Podcasting to Search Marketers.

The Value of Podcasting to Search Marketers paper will also be converted to podcast format in the near future. Visit Oneupweb’s iOM Podcast Series homepage at: Online Marketing Podcasts to find the new podcast and other useful podcast episodes we’ve archived for you.

I wish you all happy reading and happy listening. Your challenge is to spend some time thinking about how you can use podcasting effectively in 2007.

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