Running Successful PPC Campaigns: Attracting The Right Click

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Creating and refining successful PPC campaigns requires the ability to think and act like the average web surfer. It requires taking time to understand your ideal customer as well as the wrong visitor (the guy who just cost you a $2.00 click). It’s worth the effort to figure out how to attract the former and dissuade the latter.

Outlined here are 7 tips to attract the right kind of clicks to your pay-per-click campaign, clicks that make you happy to spend those marketing dollars.

1. Study the website as if you were a visitor

    • Click through each page


    • Click on each link


    • Look at pages in several different browsers


  • View the source code for keyword ideas

2. Think through how searchers will search for your products (ID cards, photo id cards, nametags, ID badges) and separate out these intuitive keywords into their own ad groups

    • ID card systems


  • ID badge systems

3. Understand your policies

    • Does “Same Day Ship” relate to lanyards as well as nameplates?


  • How does the low price guarantee work?

4. Check Google Images for search terms that generate traffic, but that don’t make sense such as “Cobra Lanyards” & “Dress Lanyards” or even the ubiquitous “Honda Lanyards”

  • Understanding the search term (and whether you sell it) allows you to take appropriate action

5. Walk through all conversions to the point of the Thank You/confirmation page

    • Is there “friction”? (anything that causes the user to become frustrated, fatigued or confused about the buying process)


    • Are there broken pages?


  • Is there too much on the landing page that might distract a potential buyer and make him/her bounce off the page?

6. Study your competition

    • Understand what they sell


    • Understand your image(s) of difference


    • Write ad copy that echoes how the competition is advertising as well as ad copy that is uniquely yours


  • Run testing to see which ad copy converts the best

7. Screen potential clickers with the use of qualifying adjectives

    • “Premium”


    • “Quality”


  • “100 minimum”


This process assumes the presence of search marketing analytics. Utilizing good search marketing analytics in an intelligent fashion can give you control over the money spent on pay per click ads. If you don’t have visibility into your campaigns then get in and strap yourself down, it could be a bumpy road!

And if you’re thinking of enlisting a co-pilot on your paid search marketing journey, feel free to contact Oneupweb.

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