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A red apple sitting on top of three books with colorful wooden alphabet blocks on the right.The other day I found myself perusing the pages of my old marketing texts from college, looking for the word “internet“. My search ended in Chapter 11, The Internet: The Ultimate Direct. My fingertips continued sifting through the content in search of anything related to search engine marketing. Below, you’ll find my profound discovery.

Guidelines for Creating Banner Ads

1. Keep it short and simple.
2. Animate three times and then stop.
3. End with the logo or the name.

The truth: If the implementation of SEM were as simple as following a list of guidelines, traditional marketing agencies could slot SEM into media plans with little effort.

This resulting dilemma isn’t necessarily a lack of education, but rather a lack of where to go for an education. For every credible site out there sharing legitimate tips and best practices, there is one sharing outdated and precarious information.

So what can we attribute to such a lack of educational opportunity? Perhaps, the industry itself is our culprit. Is it possible that by the time one earns a degree in Search Engine Marketing that the information taught would be outdated? Most likely. Nonetheless, there is a foundation to SEM beyond a degree in marketing that can provide that essential grasp to move along with the industry, a foundation providing the ability to adapt to every algorithm change and implement timely strategy.

The fact that an industry changes too rapidly is poor justification for it to not be taught. Undoubtedly, site owners have begun to understand the importance of blending SEM with their overall marketing budget. However, there is much to be said about the further acceptance of the industry if it were to become part of a marketing education.

Ultimately, compared to traditional advertising efforts, SEM is still quite young and despite this initial lack of education, there are many qualified individuals out there who are both able and willing to answer any questions that you may have.

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