SEM Agencies to the Recession Rescue!

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The other day, I was in my local hardware store with a gift certificate and realized I didn’t have a pipe wrench yet in my toolbox. To some, the pipe wrench may be a superfluous tool and the job could be completed with a channel-lock wrench (which I have). But in my experience, if you want the job done right, you’ll need a pipe wrench.

The store had several options of pipe wrenches, from small wrenches to package deals with more than one wrench. Having already picked up some other tools, I couldn’t afford the package deals, which would have addressed all of my needs. Instead, I went with a small pipe wrench. It cost much less and will do most anything I need to do around the house.

Just like a small pipe wrench, SEM agencies are there when you can’t afford the whole package, which in this scenario is hiring someone internally to manage your SEM efforts. SEM agencies can address all of your needs, including SEO, PPC, and Social Media campaign management. Sure, it’d be nice to have someone within your building doing the work, but that means extra costs beyond just a salary. Any benefits are an extra cost. And what about keeping your new hire busy? SEM agencies are more on-demand; there when you need them and growing your campaigns in the meantime.

During an economic downturn, businesses also need a survival plan of trimming off excess expenses to increase profits. Although marketing is an easy area to just trim off, you don’t want to pull the plug to your business lifeline either. You need to dig deeper than that. What areas of your marketing plan are working? Which marketing effort has the best return?

SEO and PPC are quickly becoming the most efficient marketing channels for businesses. Not only are you able to directly measure the progress and performance of your online campaigns, but you’re also going to get some of your best response and conversion rates here. Whether you are interested in lead generation or e-commerce, your marketing dollars are best spent in search engine marketing.

So, when times are tight, determine how much you can really spend on your SEM efforts and consider an agency as your solution.


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