SEO? Check. PPC? Check. What’s Next?

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With the gloom of the current economic struggles upon us, it’s common for companies to wonder what else can be done to capitalize on marketing budget already spent.

If investments have already been made to improve organic search listings and steps have already been taken to optimize pay-per-click campaigns, it’s time to think about what can be done to make the most of this financial and time investment.

Specifically related to capitalizing on search marketing campaigns, there are a couple of things you can tighten up to ensure that the dollars spent in this channel are performing optimally.

First and foremost, if you haven’t already, make sure you have accurate and dependable tracking/analytics in place. Sadly, it’s all too often that money is spent with no real data to prove return in investment or worse, to prove lack of return on investment. Oneupweb clients and project managers use ROI trax—our proprietary search reporting tool—to track ROI on search marketing campaigns. By having access to precise data you will be able to make educated decisions about what your company should do next to make the most of this marketing channel.

Secondly, and only through accurate reporting can this truly be determined, your team should take a good hard look at the numbers to see what users are doing once they get to your site. If search campaigns are driving relevant traffic to the site, what’s happening when they get there? What’s the conversion rate? What’s the bounce rate? Is there evidence that your website is delivering the data needed for visitors to move to the next step? If the data shows that your website has a low conversion rate, some simple alterations could make a big difference. Speaking with an online marketing expert will help you determine if usability or conversion improvement services are right for you.

As always, if you have any questions about what’s next in online marketing for your company, please contact Oneupweb. We’re ready to chat!

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