Six Degrees of Social Networking

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My apologies for the title, but a jillion kudos this month go to Kevin Bacon. Not for Footloose (although if one thing scrapes the dirty crust off my cold black heart it’s watching Chris Penn learn to dance), not for rockin’ with the Bacon Brothers (no comment), not for rockin’ underwear ads with absolutely no discernable sense of shame, but for taking advantage of the genius game of Six Degrees and using the underlying small-world metaphor to raise money for worthy causes via social networking.

Check out The concept is simple: you create a badge linked to any one of the million-plus charities that are part of the Network for Good (, post said badge on your own website or on your page of whatever social network you’re part of, and people donate. Easy.

Plus if you raise $10K for your cause, Hanes will send you a free shirt. And there’s more! The six folks who raise the most money between now and September 19th get $10K in matching funds from Hanes.

So, social networkers, what are you waiting for? The only drawback to the whole enterprise is that you considerably decrease the number of degrees between you and Kevin Bacon. But, really, is that such a bad thing?

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