So You Don’t Think You Need a Website?

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Why waste your time creating a website? What’s the purpose, or better yet, where is the owner/customer bond? Where is that unique relationship?

In your business, you know that person to person contact is the best way to establish relationships. That’s what makes you successful as an entrepreneur; you personally know who your customers are, you know their families; they’re your buds.

Reaching out to an unknown internet audience seems impersonal, unfamiliar and quite frankly, scary.

If you venture onto the information highway, there may be no turning back. One click leads to two and before you know it, you’ve entered an e-commerce avenue with no stop signs.

In the past, you may have been part of an organization where upper level management was not computer savvy. This created a fear of the intangible world that lay beyond the four walls of your business. At the time, ignorance was bliss and a safe place to be. Now, it’s still scary but you can no longer ignore it.

However, you are a believer of human contact. Building a relationship with your customers includes a warm smile, the strong handshake, a light lunch or a deal breaker on the 18th hole.

I’m not saying that those aren’t important means for building client relationships, but there exists another means of reaching your customers on a much larger scale. A website!

Most importantly, with a website you can contribute the same amount of quality, timeliness and service to your customers as you do now, without the cost of dinners, rounds of golf and time away from the store. And a website can reach potential customers who have never stepped foot inside the front door of your business.

Being an HR professional, I compare a website to the interview process. Prior to an interview, I’ve never met the interviewee, entered their home, or met their family. It’s their job to tell me all about themselves within a 45-minute window.

Your website is your window. Make sure it reflects what you have to offer, what you do well, and your strongest attributes, in addition to clearly communicating why you stand apart from your competitors.

Remember, it’s unlikely that potential customers have prior knowledge of your business. They’re walking through the front door blind-folded. What do you want them to see?

Remember, the market is vast and limitless, and an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. It’s time to create your presence on the internet.

Then again, you can just wait a little longer. But the question is, can you afford not to?

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