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It’s no surprise that social media is sweeping the nation, and specifically the buzz and popularity of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are taking people by storm. As a member of the online marketing industry, I too have dabbled in the all too addicting Facebook and Twitter trend &mdash yes folks, I have even been known to tweet!

However, what I didn’t realize is that even our own little metropolis of Traverse City has caught the buzz. Recently, as I got ready for work one morning, I heard the local radio station, 106 KHQ and their morning show hosts, Josh and Heather promoting their Facebook and Twitter pages. While these pages may have been in existence longer than my awareness of them, I hadn’t heard them talking about them before, and I was instantly intrigued about their online marketing efforts &mdash go figure!

Now, as a lifetime local, Traverse City to me has always held that small town feel &mdash and to be honest, I didn’t really think that Traverse City-ites were up to speed or date on the latest social media trends. However, as I started searching, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that many local businesses have jumped on the social bandwagon. Just doing a couple basic searches for familiar businesses on Facebook and Twitter resulted in a wide array of area businesses, all with their own unique pages.

I think this is fantastic, not only because of the opportunities it allows for those companies, but also because it gives me another way to stay on top of my favorite local stores, restaurants and coffee houses. I mean, did you know, just last year, you could vote for Moomers Ice Cream (which is unbelievably delicious) and make it the best ice cream place across the nation? And it won – proving social marketing works.

Or, looking for updates on the State Theater? Or the upcoming Traverse City Film Festival? Just jump on Facebook and take a gander at their pages. Not only that, I found Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for all kinds of places, from Right Brain Brewery to Cuppa Joe, the Old Town Playhouse, and other local businesses including a VoIP distributor and local law firm. And of course, Oneupweb, also on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well as various other sites &mdash all right here in my own backyard and popping up in my browser.

The time has come my friends, Traverse City is on board, are you taking advantage of your social opportunities??

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