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We just announced today that the 30th Annual Telly Awards has honored Oneupweb with a 2009 Telly for our Oneupweb vs. Sign Thief viral campaign. This is exciting news, especially because this award-winning campaign was executed through social media along — and it has shown some great results.

The entire campaign was built and executed in about one week. It arose out of the fact that everyday before the 2008 Presidential election, we would put out signs in support of now President Obama. And every night, someone would come along and take them down. So we decided to fight back in Oneupweb style: by being relentless.

With a high velocity video projector, we displayed a 30-foot image of now-President Obama dancing on the side of our building. And then we took it social, posting a video of the projection to CNN iReports, CBS Eye Mobile and more. We uploaded a Dragnet-style video we had created in-house to YouTube and Facebook. We started posting updates on various social channels, blogging and more. The entire promotion of the event was done through social media marketing.

And the results? Check this out:

  • Within one week, the video was viewed by more than 6,000 users and received 113 comments from people around the world.
  • Visits to increased over 120 percent the day the video was posted to the various social media channels. And they continued to rise.
  • The video appearing on YouTube and Facebook quickly became one of the leading sources of traffic to the Oneupweb corporate website.
  • Within one hour of posting on CNN iReports, a CNN reporter was on the phone for Oneupweb CEO Lisa Wehr, eager to get all the facts. And the story ran on CNN primetime the night of the election in front of 5.8 million people.

All in all, the Oneupweb vs. The Sign Thief campaign reached an estimated 10 million people around the world in a little over one week. And we’re continuing to see new hits to the videos almost eight months later.

So thank you to the 30th Annual Telly Awards, all of the judges, and everyone out there who made this award possible.

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