Social Media Marketing is Only for Fun Companies?

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That’s what I thought when social media first hit the streets. If, and only if, your company was “fun” or “cool” could you participate in this viral, social exchange. Who wants to communicate with a B2B company that offers software as a service or a B2C that sells compression garments? It couldn’t possibly work…or can it?

Social media isn’t always about going viral or being “cool”. Sure, that can be part of it, but mostly it’s about communication.

Picture yourself at a party. Your customers are there and so are some potential customers. Your products aren’t necessarily something people “buzz” about, but they’re a necessary part of life. Let’s say you sell furniture. So at this party your current customers have a chance to talk about the great buy they made at your site and how fantastic it looks in their living room, the high quality of the piece, and how helpful your staff was.

At this party you have the chance to talk to everyone attending about upcoming sales and promotions, new pieces you’re getting in, a new mattress that’s great for lower back pain, your no-hassle return policy, and of course, your excellent shipping and handling deals.

Also, BONUS, your customers brought pictures of their rooms decorated with your furniture, and your staff has stockpiled some videos about cleaning stains on upholstery, removing water rings from wood surfaces, and other helpful tips.

Sounds great, you say, but how can I get this type of exchange going? I don’t have the time or opportunity to throw a party to get people talking…or do you?

Social media is a way you can bring these people together and continue to share the great photos and videos you have available. By utilizing current channels (review sites, social networking sites, etc.) to initiate and encourage conversation between your current customers and potential purchasers, you can let your current costumers speak to the quality of your products. Blogs, audio testimonials, video testimonials, customer image uploads, and even contests are a great way to peak interest around your company and products.

In a space like furniture sales, it’s important to differentiate yourself, especially if the one thing that separates you from your competitors is price. By becoming a “resource” or authority on furniture sales, decor, cleaning tips and more, you increase the potential of becoming a recognized name – and trusted provider.

What’s also great about social media is that search engines are now, more than ever, positioning images, blogs, videos, and even social outlets in regular search results. By optimizing both on and off-site, you’re broadening your potential to own more real estate in related search results.

So about that party – bring it online. Let people share their experiences with one another. Good or bad, it will enable you to respond and thank those with positive comments and help alleviate frustration, showing that you truly care about their experience with your company by directly responding to customer concerns.

Because social media is all about conversation, you can safely and effectively open the communication channels between you, your customers, and shoppers. Taking it to the next level by initiating interest through contests and promotions is just another benefit.

If you are interested in how your company can take advantage of social media to help improve brand awareness, feel free to check out our new white paper The Fusion of Search and Social Media to learn about Oneupweb’s unique approach. Of course, we’re always here to chat if you’re ready to explore the possibilities!

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