Stop Hogging the Wheel. The Passenger View Can Be a Good One

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Search is not going away.

This is not a fad.

Expect 55% growth for 2004.

The reason search works? Customer control.

One of the biggest hurdles to a successful search marketing strategy for many companies is language. All too often a company decides on their own dialect of market-ese and then they run with it. And they never stop running.

Guess what? Customers never started running with them. People use natural, simple language to share ideas. They don’t care about a “bleeding-edge, innovative, time management tool to reshape lives”, a desktop calendar will do nicely, thank you very much.

And there’s the rub. For search marketing to really work, the keys have to be handed to the customer. The marketing language is good, and it really does set companies and products apart, but customers have to learn it. Give them a product. If it’s a good product, they’ll learn to speak the language. Be patient.

It’s hard for a company to stop using their own code language, but that’s okay. That might be the best reason of all to outsource search marketing. Bring in someone who knows how people are searching and using the Internet everyday. Work with an expert to reach out to new clients. No one knows your business they way you do, but do you know how people are trying to find you? Join forces, achieve results.

Simple really.

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