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Well it’s that time again – time to take a look at all that’s been happening in the world of the mobile web. And there has been plenty, so let’s just get right into it.

NBC to Stream Hit Shows:
NBC has struck a deal with MobiTV to begin streaming some of their most popular shows (The Office, Heroes, and ER) to cell phone networks. For $1.99 a user gains access to the streaming television show for 24 hours before it is made unavailable again. While I am not too sure if this service has a competitive edge over iTunes, and some of the other competitors out there, I can see it being convenient in many situations – like airport layovers.

However, NBC is not the only player getting into mobile TV.

Targeting “Gamers”:
Mobile advertising company, Amobee, and multi-player game company, Exit Games, have struck a deal that will allow them to integrate mobile advertising and product placement into multi-player mobile games. It will be interesting to see what kind of response this gets when people start to see things like an Orc enjoying a refreshing Coke in the world of Azeroth?

Google Voice Local Search:
Google has launched an experimental service which attempts to make local businesses accessible through voice activated search over the phone. Give it a try, just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 from any phone and start talking – that’s right, there is no need to type on your tiny little cell phone keypad either.

AOL Takes Winamp Mobile:
AOL announces the release of Winamp Remote which will allow users to play their PC based music through their mobile devices. Soon any cell phone can operate as an Mp3 player by streaming music directly from your desktop.

Mobile Ad Standards Being Developed:
Mobile Ad standards are being set by the GSMA – establishing these standards should help everyone get on the same page in regards to how mobile ads should be created as well as what will be required of phones to become compliant. This should help everyone better define this fragmented real estate – even if many have still not figured out how to operate in this space.

There has been so much happening in the world of the mobile web that I realize this merely scratches the surface – so if I have overlooked your favorite high-point, please feel free to make a comment.

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