Straight Up Site of Interest for RSS Feed Creation

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It’s time once again for another installment of everyone’s favorite, our Straight Up Site of Interest. As explained previously, this post aims to shine the spotlight on websites/services that expand upon forward-thinking internet technologies, and prompt you to ask the question, “How can this help me market my website?”

Straight Up Site of Interest: FeedCraft

In their Own Words: “FeedCraft allows you to create, manage, deliver, and track RSS feeds.

First Impression: FeedCraft is unique from many other RSS feed creators I’ve come across in that it’s an entirely web based service. There’s no software to install. FeedCraft also offers a Basic plan that’s free, but if you want to keep track of how many people subscribe to your feed and use other reporting features, you have to sign up for a paid plan. See Feedcraft’s Plan Comparison Chart.

If you didn’t guess already, our theme this month is RSS Feed Creation. If you’re not familiar with RSS, it is a format for syndicating and distributing content online. Think of it as another method for placing your brand in front of a targeted audience.

Here’s one example of using RSS: Subscribers to the StraightUpSearch RSS Feed receive snippets of our daily blog posts without having to visit our website. The subscriber only has to click on a link in their RSS Feed Reader to see what’s new at StraightUpSearch. So instead of relying on the user to make the decision to pay a visit to our website (which is great when they do), we present our fresh content to the user in a real-time delivery format.

Here’s another example: Ecommerce site owners who feature specific products/services on a weekly/monthly basis, can use RSS much as they would an email newsletter: to promote specific products directly to recipients who have already identified themselves as qualified leads.

Now more than ever, consumers hold the power. Why not give them the means to use it as they see fit?

There are, of course, a multitude of uses for RSS, and its spin-offs, that I’m not addressing here. Feel free, to do a little reading.

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