Suggestions and Stones May Break My Bones

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As integrated search marketers, we rely on the Internet for much of our daily communication and research. As Americans, we rely on it for much more. Accounting for a large percentage of daily usage, the Internet, and Google in particular, has become one of our main sources for information. “Google it” has become almost as commonplace as using the word run as an action verb in our language.

With all the time and effort we put into the online community, they must love us; right?
Being the curious person that I am I decided to give it a whirl, to “Google it” and see how we faired.

My search topic: Americans are
Google Suggest: Americans are stupid.

Wow. No sugar coating there. That pretty much sums it up. These things may all be true but can’t you cut us a bit of slack Google? We have to have some good qualities don’t we? Thinking of a different topic I decided to try a more serious approach with a topic everyone seems to have a different opinion on. What’s Google’s though?

My search topic: President Bush
Google Suggest: President Bush is endangering my retirement and the retirement of millions.
An idiot

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess we know how Google voted in the election. Okay, well at least we know that our president isn’t any better than the rest of us. Not that that really makes me feel any better. How about trying something a bit more exciting- hopefully.

My search topic: Yahoo is
Google Suggest: better than Google

Well finally an answer to my question. All this time if I really wanted to know what Google thought I should have just asked Yahoo.

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