Since We Last Spoke: An Update on Trends in SEO

During the summer and fall of 2015, we published a short vlog series entitled “Two SEOs and a Microphone” – one on trends in Hyper-Localization and “Sales” Engine Optimization and the other focusing on Talking Brand and Local Search. In an industry that evolves at lightning speed, search engine optimization trends are constantly changing. Here, […]

The Most Expensive Keywords: 58% Are Location-Sensitive

Our friends at Hubspot recently published a blog highlighting an infographic containing the 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google, and a big majority are location-sensitive. The list includes searches such as: San Antonio car wreck attorney Accident attorney Riverside VA Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles West Palm beach criminal lawyer Set aside that many of […]

Feeding Your Fuzzy, Ornery Local Listing Management Monster

You have a monster. This monster is quite a complex character—first he wants things one way, then he changes his mind. Then he showers you with dark secrets from his past and acts mabbergasted (mad and flabbergasted) that you didn’t already know them. You must guess his every whim, predict the ebb and flow of […]

Why Local Listing Management Is Not Going Away

Lately, a lot of clients and prospective clients have been asking us about local listing management. There’s usually a lag between industry attention/marketer nudging and business action (the C-suite needs convincing, other projects take priority, things are unproven), but when companies finally catch up, it becomes hot. And things are pretty freakin’ warm right now. […]