What We Said About Twitter in 2009: Did We Get It Right?

We work with clients every day and write content for their websites, in particular, their blog. We write about current events and things that are relevant in their industry at that time. We have also always done that for our own company. As a matter of fact, we have over 10 years of blogs on […]

How to Get on Board with Influencer Marketing

It’s more accessible to small businesses than celebrity endorsements Influencer marketing is a term with a lot of buzz right now in marketing circles. Influencer marketing is partnering with the personalities in your business niche for tacit or explicit endorsement of your company’s product or service. We’re talking about bloggers, insiders, experts and industry observers. […]

The 10,000 Character Question: Will it save Twitter?

Twitter plans on making big changes in the coming months–will it open the platform up for 10,000-character Tweets (versus the current 140-characters)? Twitter is in trouble—but how many people care? (Kurt Russell can’t be the only one who doesn’t “get” Twitter…) The micro-blogging platform has had its fair share of issues—perhaps more than any other […]

Friday Content Roundup: Let’s Be Real for a Second Here, Guys

This is the Friday content roundup, where we bring you a sample of the interesting/weird/goofy/fun stuff we found on the Internet this week. Welcome back to Friday, people! But let me forewarn you—this week, things were a little more somber than in past roundups.               Maybe it’s the weather. […]

Twitter Remarketing: It’s Awesome & You’re Ignoring It

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about what a slam dunk Twitter cards could be for your business and how ridiculously easy they are to set up. It went over like a lead balloon. I believe it was officially the least viewed blog post I’ve ever written. (I’m totally not offended. But Twitter […]

Get Leads from Twitter Today with Lead Generation Cards

It’s small business week, and in honor of that, I was challenged to come up with a blog post that any small business owner or marketer could review, implement and recognize immediate marketing impact. Tall order, but I’m up to the challenge. I’d like to introduce you to Twitter Lead Generation Cards. Heard of them? […]

We’re Excited about Twitter’s Redesign & Why You Should Be, Too

After much anticipation, Twitter has finally announced that it will be rolling out a new profile page design for all users. The most anticipated change is the inclusion of a larger, more visually impactful header image for profile pages, as well as the complete removal of background images. But wait there’s more! Not only has […]

To Hashtag, or Not to Hashtag: That Is the Question

From TV shows, commercials, a killer skit on The Tonight Show, and—where they originate and belong—social media posts, hashtags are everywhere. So, it only makes sense for your business to take advantage of the benefits hashtags offer. What is a hashtag, and where do I get one? In simplest terms, a hashtag is a word […]

Instagram Video vs. Vine: 5 Things Brands Should Consider

It seems incredible that Vine is barely a year old, and that Video on Instagram didn’t debut until June 2013. Particularly for brands looking to engage the Millennial market, short-format video marketing makes a compelling case. Short-format video appeals, in particular, to Millennials’ appetite for multimedia content and what Nielsen calls their preference for “off-beat, […]

The Marketing Revolution Belongs to the Customer

In honor of today’s Twitter IPO, Advertising Age has a great article recalling the very first tweets by Warner Bros., McDonald’s, Calvin Klein and 30-some other major brands. In retrospect, many of these original tweets are both amusing and cringe-worthy. I particularly love this one from Xbox, which, at a loss for what to say, […]

Twitter Ads Expand Functionality

Twitter recently made two key enhancements to keyword targeting in timelines, which lets advertisers reach users based on keywords in their recent Tweets and in Tweets they recently engaged with. Similar to search marketing platforms Google Adwords and Bing Ads, Twitter campaigns can now be built out with negative match keywords. Negative keyword match maximizes […]