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I have a knack for language. For whatever reason, foreign speak has been one of those things – one of very few in my case – that comes somewhat painlessly. Granted, I haven’t tried my tongue at Swahili or Khoisan – too cliquey anyway – but the more “Eur-sual” suspects have been right up my vocal alley.

Or so I thought… I may have spoken too soon.

My linguistic confidence came to a screeching halt at Oneupweb. I felt as though I’d landed in the Brazilian rainforest and was living amongst an unintelligible tribe communicating via a form of techno-babble utterly foreign to a layman such as myself.

Tribal member: “Regarding that wiki, the blogroll near the avatar needs a trackback installed and the widget’s inoperable due to poor RSS.”

Loser me: “Okay, thanks…? But I’m not hungry right now.”

Apparently I’m the mutant! Somehow, I’d been forgotten by time. Given the dire state of my tech-talk savvy, I might as well sit back on the divan and enjoy a cup of Earl Grey while listening to that bangin’ new Al Jolsen platter. I could barely understand what was being said, let alone explain to anyone my own thought processes without sounding like a Chinese food order taker (no offense Chinese food order takers).

“Make that picture-thingy faster so when the word click do-dad pops up someone will get to that other contact form watchamacallit sooner. Oh, and I like blue crayons and naptime.”

So I’m a moron.

Luckily, I’m beginning to slowly emerge from the online marketing land of lingo lethargy. This is due in large part to my contributions in updating Oneupweb’s SEO and Social Media glossaries. The latest and greatest terms – and all the rest you need to know – will soon be available in the Oneupweb Library.

And for all those venturing into the depths of the Brazilian rainforest, we’ll have a handy pocket-size print version of each available as well… so our collective FolkMind will prosper. I think.

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