The Release of the Google Nexus One

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Yesterday marked the release of the new Google Nexus One phone, which was originally only available directly through the Google website. The launch of the Android-powered Nexus One may change the landscape of the Smartphone industry as we know it. Additionally, I predict that it will have a butterfly effect on many other industries that rely on web accessibility and the convenience of “surfing” the net. So, you can hang ten like never before using the latest Android 2.1 software and the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

Unlike previous Android phones, there is no slowdown or lag when you push the phone’s performance. And there is less need to kill applications to keep the device humming. The Google phone will also add a high-resolution screen (based on an OLED touch screen). Nexus One comes with all the standard Google Mobile apps installed, like search, maps, Gmail, YouTube and GTalk (Google Talk). It also includes additional goodies like Maps Navigation and Google Voice, and these apps are speedier than ever, making it easier to shop on-the-go or browse at will.

The Nexus One has a few cool new features as well—one of those things being a voice-enabled keyboard. All you do is speak, and it does the text messaging, email writing or search querying for you. Another feature to explore is the YouTube widget, which allows you to quickly access the videos you want.

The big idea is that Smartphones are getting smarter. Along with their newly acquired intelligence and capabilities, they are getting larger and more like small tablets. I predict that they will probably become the all-in-one hub for communication in our daily routines in the future. Why? Because their functionality is becoming frighteningly comparable to personal computers.

Here’s the price breakdown for the Nexus One:

  • $529.00 for the Nexus One unlocked
  • $19.99 AC Adapter
  • Additional monthly service fees and upgrades not included

Of course, Google threw in an unexpected wrinkle. If it is bought unlocked directly from the Google store and if you sign a contract with T-Mobile, it’s $199. It is being shipped to just 4 countries as of now, including the USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. And it’s set to be released in Europe sometime in early spring. Shortly thereafter, it’s set to go worldwide.

At Oneupweb, we like the convenience that mobile has to offer, especially the idea that you can peruse our fine services no matter where you are. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, check out what we have to offer your business! We are as relentless and efficient as the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor used in the Google Nexus One (which is very relentless, take my word for it).

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