3 Types of Shareable Content

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It’s been said that a company no longer controls its brand. That’s something of a misstatement. Control is still present— it’s just that instead of flying solo, companies are now operating with co-pilots— their target audiences, who can sometimes wrest control away and dictate the direction of the brand.

And that’s still a scary thought. But’s not unmanageable.

Shareable, snackable content marketing is the remedy. When brands create shareable content, they not only control the message, they also leverage the fans by transforming them into brand ambassadors who share the message with others.

The three pillars of shareable content are whitepapers, blog posts and rich media.

White Papers. White papers address a specific pain point or a pressing issue in your industry and help establish your company as a thought leader. They are fact-intensive and insight-driven papers, typically 6-12 pages in length, with limited graphics and clean formatting. They can include a gentle upsell opportunity and they should have enough staying power to be relevant for 3 to 6 months after publication.

Blogs.  Blogs are much less intensive than white papers, but they must be relevant, fresh and easily digestible with content that demonstrates empathy with the reader and contains original insights. The keys are brevity and frequency, with content 300 words or less posted at least twice a week. Like our blog.

Rich Media. Rich media is a wide array of collateral, such as videos, photos and infographics. They help   bridge a human connection between the brand and the viewer and enhance the overall story of the brand. The most shareable rich media is entertaining and authentic, free of jargon or industry buzzwords.

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