The Pitch… Just a bit Outside

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The Cactus and Grapefruit leagues are up and swinging now and that’s got my head dancing with thoughts of spring; always one of my favorite times of the year, especially living in the North as we do. We start to think of the snow melting, the trees blossoming, the grass coming back.

As much as I think of new beginnings though, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic around now too. Thinking of the anticipation and excitement Spring brought with it as a kid. Heck, even seeing baseball teams dust off their cleats and knock off the rust in spring training can get the old memory banks churning as I remember favorite teams from seasons long ago.

I guess that all makes the timing feel almost poetic for a recent sales pitch one of our clients got the other day. They were cold called after an ambitious firm saw them running a PPC campaign. This other firm thought they might have just the answer for our client and could help them rank in the natural results (even though they already rank for terms that are bringing the excellent, qualified traffic).

The answer (drum roll please) is doorway pages!!! Ahhh for the days of yore. Of course they weren’t called doorway pages, and there was a grand explanation for how effective they would be, but hey, at some point you have to call a spade a spade. It’s nice to know that even as Search Marketing evolves at a breakneck pace, some people never forget the classics, no matter how out of date or ineffective they are.

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