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As another year of mobile updates draws to a close and there’s so much innovation to reflect on, I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the year than by highlighting the undeniable leader in mobile applications, the iPhone.

With countless iPhone apps hitting the market there’s no shortage of things to talk about. So let’s just get right into a sampling of some of my personal favorites.

Midomi (Now SoundHound)
You’ve certainly heard of the Shazam app by now, well Midomi takes this idea a step further by allowing you to identify songs by singing or even humming them yourself. It still works from the radio like Shazam but it will also help when you’re wondering “what’s that song that goes like…”?

Pandora Radio
Since Pandora Radio is one of my favorites things on my laptop, I’d be remiss not to mention the Pandora app which allows you to use the music service from your iPhone.

Have you ever run across an article or a blog that interested you but you just didn’t have the time to read it right them? Do you typically bookmark these and hope that you remember to come back and read them when you have time? But when you finally have the time it seems like you’re not in a place to conveniently access it, or you don’t remember it at all.

Enter Instapaper. This app lets you send articles that you find online directly to your iPhone so you can access them whenever you find yourself with a little time and your iPhone.

Fliq (Now Switchback)
Talk about social networking made easy, Fliq allows you to quickly send photos or contacts to friends, family or colleagues on the same Wi-Fi network with practically the flick of a finger.

Let’s not make all of these apps useful. Among the host of optical illusion related apps coming out for the iPhone, my personal favorite has to be iBeer. Working with the sensors on the iPhone, this app looks and acts like a real glass of beer. And best of all, its sole purpose is to entertain.

Of course I can’t touch on every cool iPhone app so if I’ve left out one of your favorites feel free to give it some props in a comment.

Image: Sweet Sweet iPhone by Miss Karen

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