Top-8 Mobile Applications of 2008

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As another year gets underway (wait, it’s almost February already!) I can’t help but reflect back on 2008 and all the innovations that were introduced to the mobile world.

I also can’t help but feel that 2009 absolutely needs to be the year that I update my cell phone so that I can start taking advantage of some of the very cool applications and services that have hit the market, which unfortunately just aren’t supported by my mobile device.

What are these developments that have Chip craving a flashy new mobile so badly you ask?

Well let’s take a moment to run through the top-8 mobile applications of 2008.

One of my favorites from this past year, SlyDial is a mobile application that allows you to call people on the “sly” by dialing directly into their voicemail. Perfect for when you’d prefer to leave a quick message about something but would prefer to avoid getting involved in a conversation. Best of all the recipient of your call will probably just think their phone is acting up as your call never rang through.

Giving you control over when and where you access content, Instapaper is a great little app that lets you send articles that you find online directly to your iPhone so you can access them whenever you find yourself with a little extra time, and your iPhone of course.

Google Mobile App
Google’s updated Mobile App deserves recognition for a couple of developments this year, including bringing voice search capabilities and a mobile version of Google Maps to the iPhone.

The T-Mobile G1 has a comparison shopping app called ShopSavvy which allows the user to compare prices for a product at a variety of on and off line retailers by simply capturing the barcode with the built in camera.

The iPhone’s version of the comparison shopping app might not have the ability to capture barcode information but does do a good job of allowing users to search product prices on many ecommerce sites via their iPhone.

Similar to ShopSavvy and SaveBenjis, StoreXperience allows consumers to search for and compare product prices. In addition, StoreXperience provides users with detailed product information that could aid in purchasing decisions. StoreXperience also enables retailers to offer on-the-spot discounts and promotions to users who are already in the store and/or neighborhood.

Bringing us closer and closer to a world where one singular device handles everything for us, Apple’s Remote app allows you to use your iPhone as a remote for iTunes, Apple TV and AirTunes. The best thing about this app is that the idea is already spreading across other paid apps that incorporate this feature into other A/V devices.

Moodio is a free service that allows you to access internet radio stations from your mobile device. They currently offer a fairly robust list of station options and you have the ability to add stations yourself if your favorite internet broadcaster happens to be absent.

Speaking of adding your own favorites when they happen to be absent, if I skipped over your favorite mobile update of 2008, do leave a comment.

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