Top Ten StraightUpSearch Posts of 2008

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While Santa settles in to a much needed sabbatical and Times Square gets dolled up for the big blowout tomorrow night, it’s a good time to reflect on 2008, StraightUpSearch™ style.

To celebrate another year of StraightUp blogging here at Oneupweb, I have put together a Top Ten list of our most visited blog posts during 2008.

Drum roll please…

10. AT&T Says Sorry, You Have Reached Your Download Limit
(November 10, 2008)

While other industrial nations push forward with generous amounts of mobile network access, driving innovation and competition, here in the U.S. AT&T begins testing a cap on the amount of bandwidth mobile subscribers can use each month. How about a little bailout money for guys running fiber-optic cable?

9. YouTube Balances Higher Quality Videos with Usability
(March 18, 2008)

Following many requests to upgrade its grainy, rabbit-ears quality video, YouTube begins offering “higher quality” viewing. Now that dancing Matt guy looks even goofier.

8. SEO & iFrames: A Glimpse at What Search Engines See
(May 15, 2008)

Our friendly response to the age-old question all SEOs need to answer at one time or another: “My site content is in an iFrame – will a search engine be able to index it?”

7. Google Stockholders: Selling Class A Shares, Class B Rights
(April 23, 2008)

A posting from our month-long Google series that digs into Google’s stock structure to see who’s pulling the strings at the world’s most powerful Internet company.

6. Online Brand Reputation – Nalgene Quenches Thirsty Rumors
(May 27, 2008)

How water bottle manufacturer Nalgene skillfully and genuinely handled the company’s online response to a health warning associated with some of its products. Disclaimer: I received a new, BPA free Nalgene bottle for Christmas. The Claus supports honesty.

5. sIFR – SEO Friendly Typography
(March 11, 2008)

Scalable Inman Flash Replacement? Huh? Read the post. It will explain everything.

4. The Future of Adobe Flash Player 10 – Part 1: 3D Environment
(July 09, 2008)

Our in-house Flash developer busts open Flash Player 10 (in beta at the time) to get a closer look at its new 3D effects. Leftover movie glasses from Jaws 3 not required.

3. Photoshop Color Correction: How to make your pictures more vibrant
(August 20, 2008)

The popularity of this post proves that web designers love tutorials, especially the ones with pretty pictures (of a ditch).

2. Who Won/Sang/Wore What? Grammy Fashion, Winners & Other Questions Answered Online
(February 11, 2008)

Honestly, this one surprised me – but it is interesting to see how search engines and niche websites handle the bombardment of morning-after searches related to the popular Grammy Awards.

1. Microsoft Breaks HTML Email in Outlook 2007
(January 29, 2008)

The top spot this year is held by our take on Microsoft’s back-pedaling of support for HTML-based emails with the release of Outlook 2007.

And that’s our Top Ten list for 2008. As always, we offer thanks to our readers who return for their daily dose of StraightUpSearch.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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