The Uptick in Live Video

Unless you live under a social media rock, you’ve noticed a steady uptick in live videos showing up in your news feed. The reason you are seeing so many of these live videos? Because Facebook wants you to. Whenever a page or person you follow goes live, you’re going to see it on the top of your feed and the reason for this is fairly simple: Facebook is worried you won’t see them otherwise. The social network has been algorithmically boosting live video because of how engaging the experience is.

Live video is raw and visceral because viewers can comment and interact with the person who’s live. Live video feels intimate and not over-produced.

It’s unclear how views of live videos will be affected if Facebook ever decides to de-prioritize them in the News Feed. For now, Facebook has something that’s working, and it wants you watching all the live video it can show you.

As we continue to learn to harness live video for consumer engagement, here are some best practices that should be kept top of mind:

Embrace the authenticity and accessibility of live video

As video eats up our customers’ news feeds, live video is perhaps the best way to stand out. Video is here to stay as the preferred content format. Only live video transports the viewer to another place and delivers the real-time engagement that makes an event memorable.

Build a live audience

Audience is just as important as content, as the power of live video is accentuated by the shared experience and real-time community.

Don’t wait to join the live world

Quality and affordability are no longer obstacles to reliably delivering live video content at scale. Whether it’s simple streaming from a phone or more sophisticated multi-camera broadcasting, today’s brands have access to the necessary technology and must learn which types of live content resonate with which audience at what time.

As marketers evaluate and prioritize content distribution channels, live video will continue to prove a rewarding and highly engaging way to connect with consumers. As more brands go live, we will continue to witness creative and groundbreaking new ways to connect with audiences and customers in an authentic and seamless way.